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664 W BAYFRONT PKWY (between Poplar and Cherry Streets)
Erie, PA 16507-2318  (814) 454-9106 - do not send mail to this address. Our mail address is P.O. Box 3455, Erie, PA  16508

By Water

Set your waypoint after entering the Erie Channel to: N 42.07.782 W 080.06.165

Your kids will LOVE our club! We have a heated, in-ground pool, playground and there's lots of things to do within walking distance.

Vital Information


SORRY - no reservations can be taken at any time by anyone.

Guest Dockage is $1.50 per foot per night (5/2013) -- check out time is 12:00 noon.

We accept US CASH ONLY - no checks. There is an ATM next door at the Sloppy Duck restaurant.

Transient slips are at the end of most of the docks. Click HERE to get a general idea where they might be. This basin map contains the traditional transients slips as on 7/22/13 - there are generally more as members move around the club month to month.

2015 Reciprocal Clubs - updated 5/31/16

Inland Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) members are reciprocal but standard fees apply. Click HERE to visit the ILYA web site.

CPYC policy is the second night is free, one night free per week. You MUST have a current, valid membership card to receive this benefit. If you cannot produce a card you will have to pay.

  • Port Dover YC (Not Cliffside)
  • Ashtabula YC
  • Kanagio YC
  • Fairport Harbor YC
  • Grand River YC
  • Mentor YC
  • Edgewater YC (Cleveland)
  • Dunkirk YC (New York)
  • Harbor Bay Yacht Club (Sandusky, OH)

Our visitors have full use of all the facilities including City water and electrical hookup for your boat, Pool, Picnic shelters including gas grills, clubhouse including showers, restrooms, laundry, public telephone and ice for sale.

Gasoline for sale (No diesel but it's two marinas west of CPYC.)

What to do when you get here

  1. We have a DOCK CAPTAIN system. Seek out a DOCK CAPTAIN when you arrive. S(he) will help you get settled.

  2. Click to see a map of the basin (6/2016)

  3. Complete the Visitor's Docking Permit.  Answer all the questions, place $1.50 per foot in the envelope and deposit it in the mail slot on the wall near the soda machine downstairs in the clubhouse. Where - inside the clubhouse just past the pool on the first floor.
  4. The second copy is for your boat.  Place it in a window so it can be seen from the dock.

This is what the permit looks like. It has two parts. Click here to download this form to see it more clearly but you will still need to fill out a form when you arrive)


Guest Dockage Registration form requires the following: Name, address, city, state zip, boat name, state registration, number, length, yacht club and number of persons on board.

Traveling To/From Canada

We do NOT have a video phone but two clubs west does (Perry’s Landing Marina) – I’d CALL US Customs in Erie to confirm the closest.  Dobbins Landing is also close but not as close as Perry’s Landing – you might need to approach them from the water, however – they have a gas dock there (with diesel)

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) videophone inspection system makes boating across Lake Erie convenient and cost effective.  The INS videophone inspection system helps facilitate international border crossing for both aliens and US citizens. By law, all US residents and aliens must report to the INS when international borders are crossed.
A videophone transmits and receives both voice and video images over standard telephone lines and consists of a monitor, camera, and telephone.  Two videophones must be in use to place and receive video telephone calls.  The videophones are located at public marinas so boaters can report to the INS.  The videophones may be accessed 24 hours a day.
Each phone has two cameras:  one views the face of the traveler and the other reads the traveler´s papers and identification.  This allows the INS officer to examine proof of citizenship and compare photo identification to the face of the traveler.
The following five Erie County sites have videophone technology:
• Presque Isle Marina
• Dobbins Landing
• North East Marina
Perry´s Landing Marina
• Lampe Marina

If you are interested in visiting us from Canada or any other foreign port, we suggest you contact the U.S. Customs Office in Erie at (814) 833-1355 AND The US Immigration Office at (814) 833-8267 or (412) 472-0703 in order to find out any procedures you may have to follow for you to visit.

Helpful links:

As of September 15, 2009, some boaters visiting Canada must have "proof of compentency" (boater education). It's only for motorized boats. If you bring your own boat and stay for fewer than 45 days, you are exempt. If you rent or operate a motorized boat from Canada, you must comply. Visit Canada's Office of Boating Safety for more information.

As of June 1, 2009, all boaters who cross the U.S. border into Canada and touch Canadian soil must carry a passport or NEXUS card.

U.S. Citizens traveling to Canada by boat...

... must contact Canadian Customs at 1-888-226-7277 for instructions on where to report for a customs inspection. A U.S. passport or NEXUS are required for each passenger on board the boat. Birth certificates are sufficient for children under 16.

All private boats entering the U.S. that have passengers who were on Canadian soil...

...must report to U.S. Customs (The Erie, PA station is linked here).. This legal obligation may be met by telephone at 1-888-523-BOAT. You can call en route with a cellular phone or immediately upon arrival to the U.S. Have the following information ready when calling to avoid delays:

  • Boat registration number and length (and Customs decal if over 30 feet; see below)
  • Captain's name and date of birth
  • Total number of persons on board and value of all purchases in Canada
  • The name of the marina where you first arrived on the U.S. side

Boats 30 feet or more in length must purchase an annual decal ($25) from U.S. Customs and Border Protection prior to voyage to Canada.

This decal is only available online ( > Travel > Pleasure Boats > User Fee Decals >

More Information:

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